Northern Ireland's Most Novel & Bespoke Wedding Venue

Basil Sheils, beautifully situated along the Callan River in the enchanting Tassagh valley in the heart of Co Armagh just 5 miles from Armagh City, dating from the late seventeen century; this unique venue has been lovingly restored and enriched with adored features and decorative detailing throughout.

Basil Sheils is located along one of Ireland’s great ancient roads and along with its unique scenery and private picturesque gardens for you to avail of, you will be able to create beautiful lifelong memories here with us.

Country Chic at Northern Ireland's Quirkiest Wedding Venue

From food to rooms we have it all.

Accommodation is also available at Basil Sheils comprising of five bedrooms and two self-contained cottages. Dundrum House is located just two minutes away as well as a selection of other local guesthouses for your wedding guests.

Basil Sheils and the stunning views of the Callan valley and Callan River offer you the perfect setting to capture your special day.



How To Choose A Unique Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

Congratulations! You have been engaged to the love of your life. The engagement was perfect, and it brought you to tears. Now its time to plan for the most important day of your life; your wedding. There is so much to do, but you have to start with the most important thing, the wedding venue. The venue is one of the most vital decisions that you will make since it will influence your budget,décour, attire, and vendors. Getting the right venue will set the tone for how the wedding will be.

Original Wedding Venues in Northern Ireland

There are so many different venues that people consider for weddings, but you want yours to be unique. No one wants to get married at the same location that their friend got married a month ago since they want to be original. Below are some tips on how to choose a unique wedding venue, and some examples of unique wedding venues that you could look into.

Tips On Choosing A Unique Wedding Venue.

• The Guest List.

Before thinking about potential venues, it is advised to consider the number of guests that you will be expecting on your special day. The number of people will determine the size of the wedding venue. If you are expecting more than 200 guests, then you will need a hotel that will be adequate for that number. If the guests are less than 30, then you can have the wedding at a private venue.

• The Catering Restrictions.

Different venues have different restrictions. You may find that some places will only allow an in house caterer to manage the food during the event; therefore, you will not have flexibility when it comes to food. Others will let you be free and do whatever you want, as long as you pay for the venue and any other additional costs.

• Do Your Research.

This will be a day that you will never forget, therefore doing extensive research is advised. Get to know about the different venues and ask people about their experiences there. If possible, before visiting the venue, it is recommended to list down several questions to ask them when you get there. That will ensure that you do not forget the essential little details. Ask the guide all the items on your list, and ensure that all the grounds are covered, to avoid any surprises that may come up. If you have a wedding planner, it is advised to tag them along, since they are more experienced and will be able to help you narrow down your venue choices.

• Does The Venue Fit The Wedding Theme?

It is essential to choose a wedding venue that will fit the theme for your big day. Some of the wedding venues will be able to handle practically any wedding theme that you will have, while others may not. It is therefore essential to check whether the place will suit your theme and style of the wedding.

To avoid going the traditional route for wedding venues, such as banquet halls or churches, you can choose a unique place that you and your other half will love. It will make your wedding an event that your wedding guests will rave about, for years to come. Below are some of the unique venues that you could choose for your wedding day.

Whacky Wedding Venues

• A Museum.

If you are a history-loving couple, then a museum will be the perfect venue for you. It is ideal for a couple that loves experiencing ancient cultures. There are many different types of museums to choose from, such as art museums, to natural history museums that are rich in heritage. There are also air and space museums that you could rent out.

• A National Park.

One sure thing about having a wedding in a national park is the amazing wedding photos that you will have due to the intriguing backdrop in the wild. They provide the best spot for an intimate wedding. However, you will need to do a lot of research and obtain a permit ahead of time.

• On A Boat.

When it comes to weddings, you either go big or go home! You do not get repeats of that day, and all that you will have left will be memories. So, if you and your partner love the sea, why not get married on a boat? There are numerous options to pick from, such as a yacht, ferry, riverboat or sailboat. It all depends on your budget and what kind of ceremony you want. The best thing about it is the fantastic view and the ever-changing background during the day. You can even catch the sunset in all its glory. Amazing, right?

• A Castle.

Nothing portrays a fairytale wedding more than getting married in a castle. Ancient castles will do the trick and will make your wedding magical. Your guests will also love the royal experience.

• Theme Parks.

Do you want to bring your inner childhood out to play? Why not get married in a theme park? You will have numerous rollercoasters, cotton candy and carousels that will make the day even more fantastic. This venue will be perfect, especially if you will be having an extended wedding weekend since the guest will have time to enjoy themselves. However, it is crucial to book in advance to avoid disappointments.

• A Golf Course.

Golf courses are the perfect option for you if you love to experience beautiful green landscapes and incredible sunsets. They are also an ideal option if the couple enjoys golfing. It will make the wedding unique, and the wedding photos will be exemplary.

• Aquarium.

Do you love marine life? Does the thought of fish, and other sea creatures swimming on the background on your wedding day give you joy? Then why not go for it? Aquariums are unique wedding venues and will be a great source of entertainment for everyone. The backdrop of swimming sea life will be great for wedding photos.

More and more people are having their weddings in unconventional places, to make their special day one that they will always hold dear. With the above options, you can decide which one works for you as a couple, and do it. However, it is crucial to remember to book in advance and get to know all the restrictions before booking the venue.